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Virtual Office Space

If your product or service is NOT on the Prohibited List 

then it is welcome for registration and sale*.

Restricted sign RESTRICTED ITEMS:
(Permitted subject to risk assessment)

Tangible Adult products; adult lingerie, adult toys, sexual aids, novelties, etc.,

Age-verification services,

Agricultural Products,

Auction sales (selling via auction/valuation sites such as eBay, eBid, eCrater, Etsy, Bonanzle, SpecialistAuctions, Worthpoint, etc. is permitted provided Supplier maintains a distinct web site for his/her auction presence as well as his/her seller profile pages,

Verified PowerSellers and Top Sellers with high trustability ratings are welcomed and eligible for a lower commission fee for tangible product sales than other sellers, Power Sellers Logo | Internet Merchant Accounts

Auction sites (sites offering service auctions, or items for sale on their own behalf either as straight English, multiple item Dutch auctions, reverse auctions, or Scandinavian auctions according to the pay-per-bid penny auction model AKA "Entertainment Shopping" are permitted),

Dating/marriage sites and escort site directories (but not companion/escort services which are Prohibited Items),

Discount buyers' clubs/membership clubs/home shopping clubs,

Essay sites (custom writing and reports, to be used for research and study assistance purposes only are permitted including Term Papers, Dissertations, and other Academic Writing Services),

Fantasy league services,

Gambling supplies (such as casino chips, slot machine tokens, etc) - see Prohibited Items,

Items requiring an import license into the country of sale,

Herbal remedies and natural product supplements AKA nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, that do not require a doctor's prescription,

Online Game Items (i.e. game "gold", "pieces", "armor", "credits", "currency", etc.) within Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs/MMOs),

Online Privacy and anonymity services including web surfing and proxy services,

Penis or breast enlargement products (see Tangible Adult products),

Phone cards, long distance, second number service, VoIP or PC-to-Phone service, SMS service - but not services delivered by phone or SMS - see Prohibited Items,

Pre-recorded CDs, DVDs or video cassettes,

Seminar, conference, or event tickets,

Social Networking sites,

Stamp collections,

Sports Gambling Prognostication, and Handicapping services,

Prohibited sign PROHIBITED ITEMS:

Sexually explicit intangible services:

You may NOT supply any Adult subscription services, including chat or webcams, or any pornography (pictures, videos, DVDs, magazines), Supplier Sites may NOT contain any pornographic content (preview images or streaming videos are also prohibited unless part of an implemented Tangible Adult products site).

Tangible Adult products are permissible - see Restricted Items.

Adoption services,

Any service requiring a license to practice, i.e. Legal, Medical or Therapy services,

Alcoholic beverages,

Animals by mail order,

Auction sites where the highest unique bid or lowest unique bid wins,

Benefit/incentive/rebate programs,

Betting/gambling operations (online casino gaming chips/wagers, including off-track betting and wagers at racetracks), lotteries or raffles;

Certain gambling related products and services are permissible - see Restricted Items.

Cable converter boxes, cable TV descramblers or 'filters enabling free Pay Per View',

Certification Test Exams, Degrees, or diplomas (unless accredited by a recognized authority such as the U.K. BAC, British Council, U.S. CHEA, ASPA, etc.),

Check cashing services,

Coin dealers,

Collection agencies,

Commodity exchanges, precious metals,

Companion/escort services. (Escort site directories are permissible - see Restricted Items.),

Copyright infringing products or services where there is unauthorized reproduction and distribution without permission of the copyright holder or authorized licensee.

Creative Commons Logo - We are Creative Commons Friendly | Merchant Account
(Please note that products and content licensed under the appropriate Creative Commons licenses or in the public domain are welcomed for sale.)

Credit card protection services,

Credit repair services,

Debt consolidation/credit counseling/restoration, financial aid,

Donations or any structure in which the value of the transaction is significantly greater than the value of the goods or services purchased,

e-wallets, e-cash, payment processors, or any merchant aggregation type services;
services using credit card transactions as deposits or credits,

Firearms, ammunition, high capacity magazines, tasers/stun guns, air guns, and other related items, swords, butterfly knives, etc.,

Fireworks or pyrotechnic devices or supplies,

Food - perishable, non-prepackaged foods,

Freight forwarding,

Future order fulfillment beyond 30 days (although after initial product/service delivery recurring subscriptions up to 1 year are permitted for intangible items). Pre-notification negative option billing, or billing for unsolicited goods or services is prohibited,

Hazardous materials, combustibles, corrosives,

Hotel, airfare, accommodations, car rental, travel services,

Human Body Parts, Fluids, and Remains,

'Investment opportunities' (especially 'HYIP'), items sold by matrix, single-level, multi-level, other similar marketing techniques,

IRC Chat Hosting,

Miracle cures,

'Money making schemes' - i.e. get-paid-for-surveys, home mailing, secret shopper services, etc.,

Mortgage payment/reduction services,

Outbound marketing,

Personal information, "leads", and data aggregation,

Phone chat lines,

"Pixel-Ad" Sites (i.e. like,

Pre-adult content - pictures, videos, etc. of individuals under the age of 18 years,

Prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals or other controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, drug test circumvention aids,

Psychic readings or fortune telling,

Recalled Products,

Replica and name brand 'knock off' products,

Satellite signal decoding products, cards and card programming,

Securities trading, insurance, currency exchange,

Services or products to circumvent locks, programming codes or security features to gain access to features/services not paid for,

Shell hosting accounts,

Sites promoting hatred, racism, religious persecution or the initiation of force against others,

Tobacco products, Smoking Mixtures or Tobacco Substitutes,

Unsolicited email services, products and services designed to deliver unsolicited electronic communications, Spyware, Spamware,

Videotext, services or products sold via Short Messaging Service (SMS) AKA "Texting",

Warranty programs/warranty sales,

Products illegal in the Supplier's or DalPay's operating jurisdiction(s).

*Acceptance is subject to an evaluation by our Risk Department. Supplier websites found to be supplying Prohibited Items or services are subject to immediate account termination, freezing of funds/possible forfeiture of funds, fines, and/or order cancellations, all without notice, as governed by our Operating Regulations.

This Prohibited and Restricted Items list was last revised on May 1, 2010.
Version: 3.4.

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