Costa Rica
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Why use Costa Rica Plaza?

Lower Operating Costs

Most business people strive to keep costs low while still being effective. Real estate is one of the higher cost items. You wouldn't waste money buying or renting more office space than you need. If you don't have "street traffic", almost all real estate cost is wasted. The only valid expense is enough room for staffing. We help you eliminate real estate AND staffing by providing both, inexpensively.

Internet businesses don't require real estate, only computer servers. The location of those servers can make a difference to your business model. Costa Rica Plaza provides computer space and staffing in Panama.

Reduced Taxes

Panama has favorable tax laws because there is NO income tax on business income from outside the country.

Depending on your business structure, this may be beneficial to you.

Reduced Liability

Also, frivolous lawsuits are not tolerated in either country. The legal system is difficult, slow, in Spanish, and devoid of contingency attorneys ("ambulance chasers"), making any would be litigator think twice before suing you. If he should proceed (unlikely) and succeed (even more unlikely) the awards are relatively small and resonable. Someone ISN'T going to get a multi-million dollar award for spilling hot coffee on themself.

One of the first things we noticed were horribly uneven sidewalks (where they existed at all) and gaping holes in the road - all without barricades or warnings. When we asked about injury resulting in liability, we were simply told that it was OUR responsibility to watch where we walked. WHAT A (refreshing) CONCEPT!

We can't guarantee that operating "offshore" from Costa Rica Plaza will remove all domestic liability risk, but if you have no domestic presence or operations, it will certainly be more difficult to bring suit and prevail, domestically.

Better Asset protection

Courts are NOT inclined to "pierce the coporate veil", meaning assets held in one entity (company or trust) will likely NOT be used to satisfy any claim against you or some other entity, or some foreign judgment.


There are many privacy advantages by renting from Costa Rica Plaza. You don't have to register for a domain (although you can, or for additional privacy Costa Rica Plaza will open it for you) or open a hosting account, or sign rental contracts, or get your own telephone and utilities.  You can stay as anonymous as you like.


Why spend your valuable time shopping around in a foreign country for office and staff, when you can inexpensively rent from us? Do what you do best and let us worry about the details, like staffing and payables and contracting.

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